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Welcome to Elev-Eight

Invest in yourself. Empower someone else. Live an extraordinary life.

What is Elev-Eight

We are a social enterprise, powered by ancient wisdom. We work in partnership with communities around the world to create sustainable ways to elevate lives and preserve their unique traditions and culture. We aim to elevate marginalized communities, making them seen, heard, and self-sustainable.

Elev-Eight's mission

Our mission merges self-development, social impact, and adventure, chaneling this energy for global empowerment. We strive for a world where equal opportunities create extraordinary outcomes for all, transforming lives and society in the process.

How we elevate

We build pathways to self-reliance and innovation, empowering communities to thrive on their own terms with these four ways:

Elev-Eight Shop

Explore handcrafted treasures from Ghana, Kenya and Colombia. Find the perfect gift for your loved one among our selection of gift vouchers. Through trade, we help create sustainable & dignified livelihoods for people in communities around the world.

Travel Experiences

Our conscious travel experiences promote transformation through the art of doing. They offer a unique experience to participants as well as support and fund our community impact work. Join us to contribute to a positive change in communities around the world.

Our impact to date

Elevation Circle

Join a series of online events designed to connect people fueled by drive to make the world a more equitable place. Together we impact.