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Life saving medical treatment


Providing funds to access alternative life enhancing therapies to support her fight against stage 4 bowel cancer.

When you sign up to one of our courses, we automatically donate at least 21% of the fee towards supporting Naomi's journey to overcome cancer. 

Naomi's Story

Naomi was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer with BRAF mutation in November 2021, after a short and sudden illness one month before. Life very quickly changed, she went from working full time and leading a full life with her husband and two daughters, aged 9 & 6, to being house/bed bound. In January 2022 mid intensive radiotherapy she was given the heartbreaking news that her cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, extensively around her aorta and that she would be on a palliative pathway.


In the summer of 2022, she was put on a trial named Beacon chemotherapy which is very new. It reportedly only works for 20% and it isn’t widely reported to work for a long time. Unfortunately, people can “fall off a cliff” as her oncologist so delicately phrased it, she wanted to give herself the best chance of success by embracing non invasive treatments to improve her mental, emotional and hopefully general well-being.



In the darkest moment, desperately to find coping mechanisms, she searched for alternative medicines to help her accept, process and begin the acceptance of living with cancer. She took her fight online and created an online community of awareness and support. Even though in the early day's bed-bound, undergoing intensive and gruelling radio and chemotherapy, plus parenting two young girls, she was driven to help others, so that no one should suffer, as she was. Although bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in the UK, if it is detected early enough, treatment can cure bowel cancer and stop it from coming back. Yet, it remains widely thought of as an older person's cancer, giving a sense of false security when symptoms appear. Motivated and armed with a new wealth of information, she set herself the mammoth and deeply personal task of sharing her story, promoting, educating, and encouraging her concerned online community to get checked, inadvertently saving hundreds of lives.



Over the last six months through the combination of extensive western and alternative therapies, she has begun to live again. With newfound hope and admirable determination, she is now able to parent & be independent once more. Beyond all belief, her cancer tumours shrunk by 45%, the lymph nodes near the aorta showed as inactive and surgery is now back on the table.




For complete disclosure and transparency, we have selected to work with Naomi, not only because of her tenacity and resilience to overcome and support others but also because she is close friends with Elev-Eight founder Genevieve. If Elev-Eight is created to help others, then this also extends to those closest to our team. Seeing first-hand the impact alternative therapies has had on Naomi's life, Elev-Eight will fund and support her recovery pre and post-surgery through funding alternative therapies. As with any serious health condition, the financial strain can hugely impact not only the recovery but the family unit, and if we can support a more positive environment conducive to healing, then we will endeavour to elevate her every step of the way.


" I couldn’t articulate the desperation and want to save your life, every time you look at your children. You learn you can’t do it all and accept you can’t afford to." - Naomi

100% raised goes directly to Naomi

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Funding alternative therapies to support her fight against stage 4 Cancer. 

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Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK and the second biggest cancer killer.

Bowel Cancer UK

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