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Maya's medical treatment


Ways we support Maya

We fund access to essential medical care that she needs so she can live a more comfortable life.


We are working with local doctors to provide her and her family with the support they need. Human to human.


When you sign up to one of our courses, we automatically donate at least 21% of the fee towards supporting Maya's daily medical needs.


Maya's Story

This is tough to share... This little girl’s suffering is unimaginable. Last month one of our team visited ten-year-old Maya in northern Iraq where she lives with her family inside a camp for internally displaced people near the city of Duhok. She suffers from a rare inherited skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa, which causes the skin to become extremely fragile. Even the slightest friction to her skin can cause extremely painful blisters. She has a severe case of it and needs constant treatment and dressings to heal the blisters and ease her pain. When we asked her family what pain relief she was taking, they told us her only pain relief is her mother. 



Her family was displaced from their home in 2014. They are now unable to pay for the medical treatment and specialized care Maya needs to live a more comfortable life. She is in so much pain she can’t walk or go to school or play with other children. Instead, she spends her days sitting on the floor inside the tent, in agony. 


Elev-Eight has decided to support Maya and her family through our EIGHT initiative. We will raise money so that they can access the urgently needed medical care she needs to live a more comfortable life. We are also in the process of securing a psychosocial therapist to give the family the human-to-human support it needs. 

Her skin can rejuvenate and repair itself, it simply needs the right treatment, care and time. Due to the severity, this is extremely expensive, hence why charities will not support her. This is not acceptable, if she has the potential to heal and recover, we want to be part of giving her that opportunity. 

Support and help Maya live.
100% raised goes directly to her & her family. 

Photography Claire Thomas Photo Journalist & field partner 

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Fund urgently needed medical care, so Maya does not have to suffer daily. 

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Help us Elev-EIGHT Maya's life

Dohuk governorate is now hosting close to 400,000 displaced Iraqis, including Yazidis, Christians, Shabak, Kakai, Armenian and Turkmen minorities - some of whom have endured repeated displacement.

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