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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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"The best way to predict your future is to create it."

- Abraham Lincoln

Learning is a continuous process that happens throughout an individual's life, while education is a structured and formal way of facilitating that learning. We believe in learning, transforming information and experience into knowledge, skills, and behaviours through actions and then sharing it. 
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Genevieve Jones-Hernandez

Social Entrepreneur | Coach |

Social Impacter

Spanish & English

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Andrew Moss

Social Entrepreneur | Coach


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Carlos Trujillo

Social Entrepreneur | Quantum Coach

Spanish & English

Personal Development

"My co-creation conversation with Genevieve at Elev-Eight was liberating and eye-opening for me. After sharing my venture idea and value proposition, she was able to assist in aligning my overall vision with making an impact in the community and, most importantly, providing an efficient roadmap to execution. I would recommend Genevieve and Elev-Eight to entrepreneurs seeking business and social impact insights and an overall genuine individual to share ideas. I look forward to the following conversation."


- Andrew, Founder of Vibrant Group Canada 

Whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

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Lina Grisales

Mindfulness  Coach | Yoga & Meditation 

English & Spanish

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Andrea Camargo

Integrative Body Therapist

English, Spanish & German

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Ana Ravald

Quantum Coach

Spanish, English, French


Unleash Your Creativity, Showcase Your Passions

Creativity & Joy

Everyone has something they can share. We believe no one is above or below anyone so by sharing your hobbies, your passion, a project that lights you up, is an incredible way to connect on a deeper level.

On a more human, compassionate level.

Think. Be. Do
Small actions. Big Change

We invite you to join us in shaping the future by sharing your expertise, insights, and enthusiasm with communities worldwide. 

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