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Invest in yourself
Empower someone else
Live an extraordinary life

Welcome to Elev-Eight

Harnessing digital marketing's power, we aim to elevate marginalized communities, making them seen, heard, and self-sustainable. Our mission merges self-development, social impact, and adventure, channeling this energy for global empowerment. We strive for a world where equal opportunities create extraordinary outcomes for all, transforming lives and society in the process.

Alone we empower ourself, but together we impact.

Our impact to date

Fusing Ancient Wisdom with Social Impact
Stop Donating. Start Creating.

Donations can trap communities in cycles of dependency, undermining their empowerment. The era of mere giving must end. Now, its about creation—building pathways to self-reliance and innovation, empowering communities to thrive on their own terms.

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Meet Our Eight

Invest in yourself and together we will elevate the lives of 8 incredible people and projects.

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Make your next trip unforgettable

Conscious Experiences

Transformation through the art of doing

We believe that personal growth and development are achieved by actively engaging in activities and experiences that transcend the self. Our Conscious Experiences are designed to promote transformation through the art of doing.


By traveling and experiencing new cultures, you gain a new perspective on the world and expand your horizons beyond what you can learn from courses, books or podcasts alone. Our purposeful trips not only offer a unique experience but also support and fund our community impact work, allowing participants to contribute to positive change in communities around the world. Join us on a journey of personal growth and purposeful impact.


You will never be the same again! Learn more about our Conscious Experiences today.

Join our Experiences

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The Ethical Agency

Alone we empower ourselves. Together we impact

The Ethical Agency is a collective of like-minded, socially conscious services all in one place. 

Elev-Eight Marketplace

Because trade is more dignifying than aid.

Shop our range of artisanal products and support us in elevating lives.

100% of profits goes directly to the makers or the beautiful collections.


Amaya for Africa


Are you a course creator?

We invite you to join us in shaping the future by sharing your expertise, insights, and enthusiasm with communities worldwide. Apply to have your course promoted on Elev-Eight or discover our free content.

Co-creating with like minded & inspiring partners.

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