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Business Partners

Dedication. Expertise. Passion. 

Let's give your business a soul and elevate together. Elev-Eight can collaborate with you to create a customized model for corporate social responsibility that's a win-win for everyone. We want to work with you to create something that excites you, that you can get involved with and be proud to share with your clients. Donating is great, but being part of and genuinely telling a powerful story of how your company impacts the world, will not only generate new clients and increase your profits but your staff will love working for you even more.

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Impact Partners

You can't change something you do not understand. 

We focus on partnering with local experts, grass root initiatives and the real people, living in the community already working to make a positive impact. Together to aim to bring existing solutions to the forefront, we are not trying to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we look at ways to enhance what is already there and bring it all together.

Let's co-create.

We are looking for businesses who share our values of creating a positive impact on the world through sustainable and ethical actions. Your businesses can be a part co-creating. We are the bridge, an eco-system that helps businesses to find and implement sustainable and socially conscious business solutions easily and directly. You work hard for the money you want to donate, so give it wisely.

Why partner with Elv-Eight?

Create Positive Impact: By partnering with Elev-Eight, you can contribute to creating a more equitable, understanding, and compassionate world through storytelling and community-driven initiatives.


Build Meaningful Connections: Elev-Eight provides a platform for sharing ideas, building relationships, and creating meaningful connections with others who share a passion for creating positive change in the world.


Enhance Brand Image: Participating in the Elev-Eight movement can help to enhance the image and reputation of your brand, by showing that your organisation cares about more than just profit, but also about creating a better world for all.


Develop Employee Engagement: By participating in community-driven initiatives, employees can engage with the community and develop a sense of purpose, which can lead to increased employee satisfaction and engagement.


Access to resources: Elev-Eight has a network of professionals who can provide you with valuable information, resources, and support to help you achieve both your social impact and business objectives.


Networking Opportunities: Elev-Eight provides various networking opportunities for its partners, who can connect with like-minded organisations, individuals from around the world and learn from their experiences.

The "risk" of not doing anything is not only missing the opportunity to create positive impact, but also missing the opportunity to create a business model that is sustainable in the long term.


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