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Prince and Gifty


How we support Prince and Gifty

We sponsor Prince and Gifty's education at Humanitas School. Providing access to good quality education is key to bringing a change in a community.

When you sign up to one of our courses, we automatically donate at least 21% of the fee towards supporting Prince and Gifty's education.

Because education creates space for  equality

Prince and Gifty's Story

Our founder Genevieve first met Prince and Gifty whilst working in rural Ghana for Humanitas Charity. Prince was 10 years old and Gifty 8. 


They had been abandoned by their parents in a mud hut for days when found by villagers who heard the children's starving cries.


In 2020, when working at the charities education project she met the siblings living as 'home help' for distant relatives, spending their days working on the farm, never having been to school, and not having a childhood. This is not acceptable! The very next day, the children were enrolled in Humanitas School, and all their school essentials were provided. In the space of a week, the transformation in the children was unexplainable. This was one of the driving forces to set up Elev-Eight.... to shine a light on incredible people because sometimes just being seen can be life-transforming.





Their entire life was transformed with access to education, it was like seeing two very different children as they put their uniforms on and began their educational journey. The inspiring and dedicated teachers at the school worked overtime to bring the children up to speed, they integrated into school life by joining the sports team and even performed in the school's cultural presentations. It was a start of a new life for them, and the beginning of what is now Elev-Eight.


In partnership with our field partner HUMANITAS, we will fund both children's education for the next 5 years. We look forward to sharing their developments, watching them thrive and who knows, maybe one day Prince could be your bank manager!

100% raised goes to funding Prince &  Gifty's education 
*Field partners are local organisations working in communities to directly support our EIGHT, provide services, and administer donations on the ground. Find out more about Humanitas Charity here.





We will sponsor their education at Humanitas School. 

Duration: 5 Years

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Be part of the bigger picture

Transformation through the art of doing. 

Join our initiative in Ghana and play a significant role in elevating through our 8 ways. Share your knowledge, passions, and expertise and grow through an unforgettable experience of learning, sharing and personal growth.

265,000 children in Ghana do not have access to primary school education.

SKY KIDVERSATION Education matters at Humanitas School in Ghana
Humanitas Charity

SKY KIDVERSATION Education matters at Humanitas School in Ghana

Help Educ-EIGHT Prince & Gifty

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