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Make your next trip unforgettable

Experience Ghana 

8 days
Accompanied age
Minumum age
21st-29th October

"Akwaaba" Welcome to Ghana 

Taking family bonding & healing to the jungle

We all enter parenthood with the best of intentions, to be the best parents possible, to raise good, honest, kind and loving human beings. But sometimes it just doesn't work out the way you planned, hoped or imagined. Life can be messy, especially when we add in hormones, loss of self and sometimes loss of connection with a partner. Yet, it is widely understood that our childhood experiences affect our behaviour and personality into adulthood, and our early years form our life conditioning!!. So does that mean, if we mess up in those first pivotal 7 years.... that's it we are bad parents? No, of course not! We believe that at each stage of our life we have the opportunity and should work on re-connecting with our loved ones.


So, whether you had the most amazing childhood or not, is not the question, it's our evolution as beings and the connection at every stage of life that is fascinating to us, and this is why we have created parent and child conscious retreats. 


During our lifetime we reinvent ourselves hundreds, if not thousands of times, from babies, to adolescents, to single adults to parents all the way to grandparents. Yet, do we really take the time to re-build, and establish new relationships with the people who raised us or that we raised? To get to know them for who they are, now? To see them for what and who are they truly are? To spend time doing something where the dynamic is equal?

The amazing thing is we can re-connect, re-form bonds at any stage of our life. Hallelujah, there is hope for us all!!! Because our past does not dictate our future, we have the choice to redefine our relationships, at any given moment. Time is precious, so why not experience this extra-ordinary experience with a loved one. This is not a retreat to 'fix' our childhood, its a space to create a new dialogue, one based on mutual understanding, compassion and through focusing on something greater than yourself, you will unintentionally become happier, stronger and more connected. 

Parent & the adult child

Join us as we voyage to the tucked away remote village of Ayensuako, Eastern Ghana. Meet, live, connect with the vibrant community of Ayensuako located 3 hours from Accra, in the depth of a jungle. Explore bustling markets and loose yourself in the rhythms of this intriguing West African nation.

All our retreats are bespoke, created with your skills, interests and needs in mind. For example, if you are into sports, we can run a sports session training the teachers as well as the children at the school. If you have skills such a sewing, we could kick start a sewing club... the options are limitless and planning will commence once the groups are finalised. This is as much about empowering you to share things you love just as much as it about empowering the community to learn and share their culture and traditions. A cross cultural exchange based on mutual respect and learning.

Our trips directly help within the local community, but we ensure that all tasks aid the local economy, support and develop the local infrastructure.

This retreat is not for the faint hearted. Whilst in Ayensuako we will sleep in pop up mosquito tents at the school, which is one of two places in the village with functioning toilets. This we believe adds to the experience. You will be pushed far out of your comfort zone, wifi is limited, BUT you will never experience anything like it. So for 3 nights, get ready to camp under the African Skies. 

Whats included

8 days all inclusive

£800 Donation to the project

Inland transport and accommodation

Food and soft drinks

Rural authentic African experience


24/7 in-country & UK support

Fully qualified medic 

Bespoke activities and coaching workshops

African drumming experience

Comprehensive pre-departure information & support

Assistance with all aspects of your trip

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Transformation through the art of doing

Discover the eight ways we impact
Learning | Technology | Regenerative Agriculture | Renewable Energy | Social entrepreneurship | Eco tourism | Sports & Creativity | Giving back

Disconnect to reconnect

The second phase of your trip has been designed to give you the space and time to assimilate the previous days, you will need it! It will be a time to journal, explore yourself and enlighten your soul. We will stay at Butre Beach, on the southern coast of Ghana, the hidden treasure in the heart of Ghana. Immerse yourself with nature.

The great natural beauty that surrounds our accommodation invites to an extra-ordinary experience, engulfed by unspoiled nature. Butre Beach is known to be one of the best beaches in Ghana. It's good for body and soul just to stroll along the lonely beach. It will provide a breathtaking backdrop for taking time to simply be. Coaching sessions focus on being the best you. The beach is covered with powder gold sand, cooled by a gentle sea breeze.

Image by Yoel Winkler
Image by Kofi Nuamah Barden

Reserve your space

Pay the registration fee of £179 (per person)

More information

Whats not included




Yellow fever 

Menu Sample

Breakfast: Coffee, Tea,  Fruit in season, Toast with jam, option of eggs, beans.

Lunch / Dinner: Palava sauce, rice and yam. Red red and rice. Fried rice with vegetables. Ghana noodles

Itinerary Sample

Day 1: Travel to Accra, Ghana

Day 2: Travel to Ayensuako

visit school and settle in 

Day 3: Volunteer at Humanitas school

Day 4: Volunteer at Humanitas school

Day 5: Closing ceremony at school travel to Butre beach

Day 6: Morning silence retreat, journaling. Coaching

Day 7: Retreat - coaching - boat trip - Closing ceremony drumming around the bon fire

Day 8: Leave Butre, lunch in Accra, fly home 10:20pm

Parent & Child Definitions
The parent

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a parent is a person who brings up and cares for another. However, being a parent does not necessarily mean that you biologically passed your genetics to a child. A parent can take on different forms, such as stepparent, grandparent, legal guardian, or a combination.


We have consciously decided to focus on the parent, both male and female, because both are equally as important to the wellbeing of the child, no matter what age or stage in life they are. 

The child

We are all children to someone, just grown up ones! So when we refer to the 'Child' we are referring young to mature adults. So you can be 15, 30 or 65. The intention is to connect with a loved one, focus on something bigger than yourselves and have some fun in the process. 

Why a minimum age of 15? 


Firstly this trip goes beyond volunteering, this is also an investment in ones self, with coaching and self development there needs to be a level of maturity. 15 is also a milestone, a moment of transition in the parent - child relationship, where independence, and intimacy are just around the corner, yet, connection is most needed.

" The secret to living is giving. True fulfilment doesn’t lie in material possessions [...].  But real meaning in life never comes from what you get, it comes from what you give."
- Tony Robins

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Our Partners

Humanitas Charity

Humanitas Charity believe everyone is entitled to health care, an education and a family. We strive to provide these three key rights across the globe.

Our founder, has been working with Humanitas for over 15 years. From refugee camps, delivering aid in Ukraine to supporting the education project in rural Ghana. So what better place to start with then ... home. 


The home of executive coaching and leadership. Our founder has been honoured to have been coached by some of the leading female power houses, behind this audacious team and has participated in two retreats that shaped the course of her life.


Wanting to share the experience with you, whilst adding in the Elev-Eight philosophy of giving back whilst we grow, what a killer combination! 

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