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ConverRickshaw Initiative


Ways we support the CoverRickshaw Initiative:

Donate, Buy a Gift voucher, or sign up to one of our courses, we automatically donate at least 21% of the course fee towards supporting the initiative.

Empower communities in rural Africa to create access to infrastructure that is reliable, clean and affordable.

Finding ways to deliver the energy people need to live healthier lives and climb out of poverty.

Energy Poverty 

Electricity poverty is a heart-wrenching reality that affects millions of people around the world. It means being in the dark, in more ways than one. Lack of access to reliable and affordable electricity is a burden that not only affects one's daily life but also limits economic development, endangers health and safety, hinders education, and contributes to environmental degradation. The absence of light in homes, schools, and businesses has far-reaching consequences and perpetuates cycles of poverty and inequality. It is our duty to shed light on this issue and work towards a brighter future for all.

The solution 

The ConverRickshaw concept converts three-wheelers known as “tuk-tuks”, “Keke-Marwa” or “Rickshaws” from gasoline to battery-powered, and in the process uses the energy from the battery to deliver electricity to the drivers families homes at night. The initiatives goal is to primary save the rickshaw drivers money and allow them to improve their income potential from driving rickshaws and as a by product allow them to power their homes at night.The initiative  is environmentally friendly and has the potential to provide electricity in communities without installation of additional infrastructure. 


Founder, Anthony, wants to equip low-income communities with the resources they need to build long-lasting assets for their neighbourhoods, which will make life easier for them and ultimately improve their quality of life, promoting happiness and longevity, as well as empower communities from within to take an active lead in building sustainable communities for themselves.

Anthony strongly believes that emerging economies have the potential and the ability to compete with first world countries, however the key would be to empower disenfranchised individuals to incorporate solution that easily mirror their existing behaviours but makes their lives easier, eventually leading to adoptable processes that directly improve their standard of living and that are easily accessible and adoptable. 

How it works
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Elev-Eight want to support Anthony’s vision, and raise £25,000 to fund the first pilot project to implement his “Hybrid” rickshaw project. Starting with 10 solar panelled rickshaws, and funding a training program for drivers, technicians, mechanics and the creation of battery swap stations. 

Investing in innovations that will help power the world, is something we feel very passionately about. Delivering carbon-free energy that is affordable to people who don’t have access to electricity today so they can live healthier lives, build stronger communities, and find a path out of poverty for themselves, is vital in creating a more sustainable and equal world.


Along with financial support Anthony will personally receive 1:1 coaching and mentorship, to support his quest and establish the success of the project. Together, we are looking at ways to focus on human investment and create a social program of wellbeing and support, at a local level.

This means that this project has the potential to elevate entire communities standard of living, provide basic amenities to low income households, improve health and wellbeing, and promote education and self development. This is game changing! 

100%  goes directly to funding ConverRickshaw
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Creating light everywhere we go




  • Convert and run a 10-Rickshaw pilot project


  • Create jobs for the community it serves by hiring them to build the battery swapping station, providing jobs instantly.

  • Technical training of the community youth to perform the conversion from gasoline to electric and licensing them to perform repairs.

  • Hire a community development team comprised  of rickshaw drivers and unemployed youth from the area that can act as grassroots marketers.


Meet Joe a Rickshaw driver

Working in collaboration to incorporate social support, education and elevate people like Joe, a Rickshaw driver, so that he can return home and provide electricity for his family home, allowing his children to do their homework, and read. Converting from gasoline to electric will allow a saving of 45% which he can re invest into families wellbeing and his children's education, as well as having more money to save.

Help us Elev-EIGHT ConverRickshaw

16% of global deaths are caused by air pollution.

Energy Poverty

This composite of satellite images shows us how much of the world spends the night in total darkness.

This is a powerful image, because you can see the inequalities so clearly. Notice how bright North America and Europe are, while sub-Saharan Africa—which has just as many people—is almost entirely dark.

Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 08.25.43.png

Elevating lives by providing access
to electricity, trade & support.



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