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Aboriginal Cultural Dance

A sacred exchange based on a mutual respect of culture, wisdom, knowledge and skills.

Explore. Volunteer. Experience.

Looking for a way to give back while having a meaningful and impactful experience? Our life-changing experiences place you at the center of real social impact. Without your involvement, these projects cannot happen. We believe that traditional charitable giving has become disconnected and impersonal, and we want to change that.

Our experiences focus on creating connections, fostering cultural exchange and promoting collaboration. Everyone is equal, and we are not imposing our beliefs or philosophies, but instead creating a space where people can explore, share, and grow together.
Our projects include workshops, training, and sports activities centred around the interests and skills of our group visiting. The local community then hosts activities that allow you to fully immerse yourself in their culture and way of life, while also sharing their wisdom and knowledge.

You don't need a retreat or a coach to tell you what to do next. All you need to do is show up and be part of the bigger picture. The outcome will organically transform you in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Join our experiences

Indigenous Woman

The Big Picture

Our approach emphasises empowering the community from within, recognising that the people who live there have the answers to the challenges they face. Change must come from within, and our role is to ignite their ideas and support their big picture by providing mentorship, partnership, and support.

By collaborating with the community, we aim to bring their vision to life and create a self-sustaining, innovative project that makes a meaningful difference.

Your Impact

By joining one of our 'experiences' you are both funding and doing hands-on work, you are making a direct and tangible impact on the community.

Each community project is divided into three phases and therefore three experiences, which are designed based on the specific requirements and progression of the project. £800 of your trip fee goes towards funding the current phase of the project. In fact, the two are interconnected - without one, the other cannot exist.

Check out the calendar and sign up to the phase that ignites you the most!

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Transformation through the art of doing

Discover the eight ways we impact

Learning | Technology | Regenerative Agriculture | Renewable Energy | Social entrepreneurship | Eco tourism | Sports & Creativity | Giving back

Why choose one of our Experiences?


Our team has first-hand experience of living with and supporting vulnerable communities. With every experience, we work closed with the communities to ensure that everything is enjoyable and safe.

Bespoke Programmes

All our experiences are bespoke. We develop the itinerary with your interests and needs in mind. This way your experience is unique and truly once in a lifetime. Checkout the list of activities available and lets co create.

Re connect

Take time to reconnect with your loved ones and appreciate them for who they are in the present moment and at this stage of life. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing vulnerability creates an opportunity to be authentic and reconnect on a deeper level. Shed the labels and roles that define you in daily life, and connect with your child, partner, friend by sharing new experiences or discussing your passions. Even when facing challenges in a relationship, this is a perfect opportunity to heal. When we no longer focus on the challenge, our energy shifts, approaching the situation with an open heart and mind can bring about a sense of pure joy, light, and love.

Connection & Impact

We only work directly wiith the community which allows us to create a truly authentic and magical experience for you to enjoy. Becuase of our humnan to human approach literally anything is open to discussion. We work on a basis of preserving ancient cultures, creating magic and having fun.

Image by Piotr Usewicz


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