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I am Genevieve, and my passion is to add value to others, provide that safe space to explore, maybe bring back a missing spark. I believe in co-creating, working together is an opportunity to look at your life through a different perspective, maybe see a path that hasn't yet been formed or unable to see for yourself.

What if today we lived by the notion that a vision could transform our lives? For me it is certainly the case. But a vision without that first initial step is powerless.  Today let’s take that small step, let’s make that choice to move towards a more meaningful and authentic life.

Seeing the unseen and bringing it to life, you have more waiting for you. How exciting! 

Book in for a no obligation chat, and let's see where it goes. 

It all starts with HELLO! 


Creator, Connector & Coach

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About me

I have dedicated my life working with vulnerable and disadvantaged communities around the world: building and managing school in rural Ghana, providing emergency aid to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, delivering urgent aid to Ukraine, and setting up mobile hospitals in marginalised communities across Colombia.

Through my endeavours I have experienced some of life's toughest adversities, yet also witnessed our extraordinary human capacity to overcome, adapt and grow. This passion for people has lead me to become a life coach and create Elev-Eight Life CIC.

From an epiphany to reality, Elev-Eight is the only platform fully merging charity and self development and this is where the magic happens. As a mission led business, we are not reinventing the wheel, simply bringing the best parts from the self development and charity worlds together, the parts that work, and getting rid of the rest.

Empowering people and enabling someone to grow a business, or invest in learning, access health care, creates opportunity for them, and it creates opportunities for others as well. That ripple effect can shape the future of an entire community.

"My co-creation conversation with Genevieve at Elev-Eight was liberating and eye-opening for me. After sharing my venture idea and value proposition, she was able to assist in aligning my overall vision with making an impact in the community and, most importantly, providing an efficient roadmap to execution. I would recommend Genevieve and Elev-Eight to entrepreneurs seeking business and social impact insights and an overall genuine individual to share ideas. I look forward to the following conversation."


- Andrew, Founder of Vibrant Group Canada 

Alexa Young, CA

You had me at hello

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