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Feb 8, 2023 - Apr 5, 2023

You are not broken

  • 57Days


Everything you see around you was once created in someone's mind! How incredible is that! We are living in a world where we believe that one day things will be better.... once I get that promotion... when I have lost weight... when i meet the right person.... when I finish the course (the irony on this one is not lost on me) .... the list is endless. The truth is these thoughts feed our subconscious that we are not enough as we are.... problem solving. This course is going to flip that notion, we will deep dive into aspects of your life and create from a place of authenticity and joy to visualise your true life goal. Once you embody the actions, choices, and habits we will step into living your end goal and to your fullest potential right now. Right now is all we have. Right now you are everything you need, and right now is magical. We are the director, creator and star of our lives, what does your movie look like?

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