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7 of a Kind - Founders on Purpose

Entrepreneurship Program

What You Will Learn 

  • How to start a new business or reshape an existing one – and make it thrive. 

  • How to design and implement sustainable, scalable, and repeatable business models that avoid the common pitfalls of unnecessary financial and economic risk. 

  • How to develop and improve products or services by engaging your customers as co-creators. 

  • How to design and run cost-effective tests to gain insights fast. 

  • How to devise a smart pricing strategy and achieve a predictable and repeatable sales roadmap.


✔ You have an early-stage solution you believe can address one of the SDGs. 

✔ You believe you can only make your idea a reality if you find the right investor.

 ✔ You have struggled to take consistent action on your project/ideas. 

✔ You need to find financial sustainability to continue your project. 

✔ You are turned off by the traditional ways of capitalism and business. 

✔ You are open to receiving support on how to apply what you learn. 

✔ You enjoy connecting with other impact entrepreneurs.

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