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8 ways we Elev-Eight

Elev-Eight empowers individuals and communities through our 8 guiding principles. 


We believe that the answer to social challenges lies within the community itself. We work directly with communities, listening to their needs and collaborating with them to create sustainable projects. Through this process, we both learn, explore, and create bespoke solutions tailored to their unique challenges. We empower the community by offering training and support to key players, allowing for self-sustainability and growth from within. We are not reinventing the wheel, but rather partnering with communities to elevate their lives and create a positive impact.

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The Big Picture

8 ways to support

Be part of the solution, Support the cause, join the impact with 8 ways to make a difference.



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How we create impact working in partnership with communities 

Organise cultural, volunteer trips for those who want to get hands-on experience and make a direct impact on the community and project.

Create a mentorship program, connecting experienced professionals with members of the community to provide guidance and support in their personal and professional development.

Develop a micro-finance program to provide financial support and resources for community members to start their own businesses and become self-sufficient.

Partner with other organisations and companies to provide job training and employment opportunities for members of the community. This can include internships, apprenticeships, and joining our ethical agency.

Connect participants with mentors in their field of interest to provide guidance and support for their personal and professional development.

Create a community platform for participants to connect, share their experiences, and continue their learning and growth journey together.

Organize cultural exchange programs where participants can immerse themselves in other cultures and learn from the community they are working with.

Design and implement a program evaluation system to measure the impact of our education programs and make necessary adjustments to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Show me the money!

We want to be as transparent as possible, and invite you to be part of this new innovative giving experience.

Elev-Eight is a mission-driven company that aims to bring together the best aspects of self-development and charity. By investing in yourself through Elev-Eight, you can help support eight inspiring people and projects around the world. We offer courses, coaching, conscious experiences, and an artisan marketplaces. 


We seek to amplify the voices of those we support. Your investment can make a difference and help transform lives.

We donate a minimum of 21% of each course or service you purchase into supporting our Eight.

On every trip we donate £800 per person to supporting our community impact work. Funding the bigger picture.

100% of your donation goes directly to the person or project you choose to support.

Shop! Trade over aid! Purchase via our marketplace, 100% will go directly to the maker of your product. 

We are simply shining a light on incredible people doing amazing things. We look for self sustainable sources of funding through social enterprise. 

We fund ourselves. So you don't have to. Connecting your support to where you want it to go.


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