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We empower changemakers to turn their ideas into impactful and viable businesses

10 hours
4 weeks
Minimum age
20th January

✔ You are frustrated by the speed of change on important social/environmental issues.

✔ You have a solution you believe can address one of these issues.

✔ You want (or see the need) to build a business but are turned off by traditional capitalism.

✔ You fear your idea can only become a reality if you find the right investor.

✔ You need to find financial sustainability for yourself to continue your project.

✔ You have felt stuck and questioned whether you have the business expertise to succeed.

✔ You are excited to receive support on how to apply what you learn in this program.

✔ You are excited about being part of a community with other impact entrepreneurs.


⍟ How to start a new business or reshape an existing one – and make it thrive.

⍟ How to design and implement sustainable, scalable, and repeatable business models that avoid the common pitfalls of unnecessary financial and economic risk.

⍟ How to develop and improve products or services by engaging your customers as co-creators.

⍟ How to design and run cost-effective tests to gain insights fast.

⍟ How to devise a smart pricing strategy and achieve a predictable and repeatable sales roadmap.

⍟ How to overcome the obstacles and challenges that will inevitably come your way.

⍟ How to leverage the skills and talent of others to collaborate, cooperate, and coordinate to reach the desired impact.

Our Services


Learn the skills

⍟ 2023 Cohort 1 Starts: January 23, 2023

⍟ Access to the Scalabl learning platform – from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

⍟ 120 dynamic video lessons, exercises, and reading materials - download curriculum

⍟ Weekly interactive Q&A sessions with content experts

⍟ Weekly small group peer-to-peer sessions

⍟ Downloadable guides and editable templates.

⍟ Networking practice and opportunities for collaboration.


Get into action

⍟ Intensive: February 24-26, 2023

3-day intensive following completion of Phase 1 with 1-on-1 and peer-to-peer mentoring to apply what you have learned and move your project forward.

⍟ 7 coaching sessions over 4 weeks to refine your actions and overcome challenges.

⍟ Continued weekly peer-to-peer sessions

⍟ Showcase Event: March 24, 2023

Exclusive Founders on Purpose Showcase Event — share your newfound clarity and plans with an audience ready to ask questions, provide constructive feedback, and connect you with their networks.


Get ongoing support

⍟ March 25, 2023 … ongoing

⍟ Graduating Phase 1 and Phase 2 is just the start — you are now part of an ongoing community of changemakers able to support and learn from each other.

⍟ Access ongoing bi-weekly coaching and peer-to-peer mentoring with 7 Of A Kind for the remainder of 2023!

⍟ Access to the SCALABL community with +2000 graduates in +50 countries!

Your investment

  • Early bird

    Your investment
    • Scalabl Online Course
    • 11 Coaching & Mentoring Group Session
    • 3 Day Intensive Workshop
    • Showcase Event
    • Nine months of coaching and community support
    • Lifetime access to a global community of like-minded for-pur
  • Full price

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    The Big Picture

    Invest in both yourself and the world by purchasing this course. With your support, Elev-Eight can elevate and inspire eight people and projects worldwide.

    support the

    About the Partners


    A globally recognized online training platform that presents a methodology for business creation and innovation that stands in contrast to the ways business is thought of, especially by those interested in pursuing social impact.

    The Scalabl approach creates profitable, sustainable, and scalable business models with reduced risk and little to no initial investment requirements.

    7 Of A Kind

    A collective of coaches from around the world who facilitate unique group learning experiences that leverage innate human potential and creativity and disrupt traditional mentoring and education approaches.

    Our objective is to empower a global community of talented changemakers who create sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our society and planet.

    Coaches & Content experts

    We’re educators, coaches, and entrepreneurs working with socially minded changemakers around the world.

    We’ve observed that many of the most qualified and motivated changemakers lack the business acumen and confidence to create impactful and viable businesses that survive long enough to create sustainable change.

    We’re committed to changing that.

    Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 01.54.03.png
    Andrew Moss
    Global Citizen, Canada

    7 of a kind

    Expertise: Coaching, Leadership, Education, Entrepreneurship, Social Impact

    • LinkedIn
    Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 01.51.06.png
    Francisco Santolo
    Global Citizen, Panama


    Expertise: Startups, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Education, Social Impact

    • LinkedIn
    Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 01.50.39.png
    Sandra Winterbach
    Hamburg, Germany

    7 of a kind

    Expertise: Coaching, Global Supply Chain, E-commerce, AI, Organization Culture

    • LinkedIn
    Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 01.50.26.png
    Liz Parkin
    Comox Valley, Canada

    7 of a kind

    Expertise: Coaching, Regenerative Leadership, Strategic Planning

    • LinkedIn
    Image by Piotr Usewicz

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    To apply for our 2023 Founders on Purpose Entrepreneurship Program, share your contact details below, and we’ll follow up with a 1-on-1 interview.

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